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With R 2.14 slated to be released next week we wanted to encourage everyone planning to upgrade to also update to the latest release of RStudio (v0.94.110). For R 2.14 users this release includes tweaks related to compatibility with the R 2.14 graphics engine as well as compatibility with the new parallel package. There are also a number of other bug fixes which make this a worthwhile update even for users not running R 2.14 (see the release notes for details).

In the meantime we’ve also been busy at work on the next release of RStudio (v0.95). This release will include some major new features including a project system, code navigation, as well as an integrated version control UI (for subversion and git). We’ll be announcing a preview of this release on our blog within the next few weeks.

Finally, we also wanted to mention that O’Reilly has published a book by John Verzani on using RStudio. The book has lots of good insights on learning and getting the most out of RStudio, and also covers some more advanced topics like authoring packages. More info on the book is available here.